Friday, 05 June 2020
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Mountain Biking, Hiking or Running - MRT just named "Top 5 Running Trails in the US" by

The whole ride is in old growth forest and the water is crystal blue. Waterfalls, pools and log bridges (walk across) and the forest make this the most fun and most beautiful ride I have ever done.

Bring a camera.
We stop along this section to take in the 78-foot Sahalie Falls.  The view from the trail side of the river is spectacular.  The mist feels great.
I have ridden the finest the Pacific Northwest has to offer . . .

McKenzie River Trail Shuttle


McKenzie River Mountain Resort is the most bike friendly lodging option during your visit - not only are they well rated by past guests, they also offer shuttles and trail maps.  Check them out - 541-822-6272 It is smart to reserve your lodging ahead of time.  Shuttles are by appointment - Call to reserve your seat.  Area tourism information can be found at


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