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MRT Trail Closure – From Trailbridge to Deer Creek (5 miles) – No Ride Around Options

The MRT remains closed from Trailbridge down to and including the Deer Creek trailhead. News Update 6/22/22 Forest Service expects the MRT to be fully open by July 22, 2022! The forest Service is working on building a new bridge. This is a little more complicated than usual due to the groundbreaking fish habitat restoration being completed on Deer Creek. We are told they are trying to get a soft passthrough while waiting on the bridge rebuild that gets you safely over the creek without interfering with the habitat restoration project. We are super excited about the restoration...

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Terwilliger Hot Springs

AKA Cougar Hot Springs Cougar Hot Springs is now open. Last Fall the road was closed by falling rocks onto Hwy 19 – cutting off access from the McKenzie side (Hwy y126). Terwilliger Hot springs is a very popular way to relax after a big ride. Terwilliger Hot Springs features multiple pools each slightly cooler from the one above. A small cold water creek runs alongside to cool you down if you get too hot. The setting is a gorgeous heavily wooded spot. You even pass a pretty waterfall as you walk about an 1/8 of a mile on the path to the pools. Terwilliger Hot Springs...

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McKenzie Pass is Open to Cyclists

6-11-22: conditions are great – road may be closed to cars for longer than normal this year! Come ride while the road is closed to cars! 6-3-22: There are some areas of slush reported on the western side of the pass. You may need to walk/hike through a short distance. Conditions are changing daily depending on weather and work of ODOT crews. ODOT does not provide official condition updates. Information was reported by other riders. Ride at your own risk. As always, ride with caution. If you have better information to report, please pass it on to us – photos...

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MRT – Partial Trail Closure (5 miles)

The MRT is closed from Trailbridge down to Deer Creek (5 miles). The Knoll Fire took out a bridge near Deer Creek For your safety, the Forest Service has closed a section of the trail. The original closure area was from Blue Pool trailhead to Frissell Boat Launch is closed. #7 – #11 (now #9) on our free downloadable map. Now the affected closes only 5 miles of trail. You can still bike, hike and/or run the Upper Trail (10.7 miles) or the lower 10 miles. Traffic has been Light this year – great time to ride or hike The Forest Service says we should expect this...

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Knoll Fire Closes Part of MRT

Knoll Fire shuts down part of the MRT. For your safety, the Forest Service has closed a section of the trail. The area from Blue Pool trailhead to Frissell Boat Launch is closed. #7 – #12 on our free downloadable map (approx 8 miles of trail). You can still bike, hike and/or run the upper half of the trail or the lower 7 miles. The Forest Service says we should expect this closure to remain in effect through the rest of the 2021 season. They also ask that you do NOT try bike or hike along the highway to bypass the closed section as too many people along the busy...

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Bringing Your Dog on the Trail

Well behaved dogs are welcome along the trail, whether biking, hiking or running.  Please keep them under control at all times to respect the resource and other visitors. We recommend you keep your dog on a leash. Never leave them unattended. Dogs allowed to roam freely can frighten or injure wildlife, disturb other forest visitors, and create impacts to the natural resources. A dog that is excessively barking, aggressive, or chasing animals is not under control. Dogs on Shuttles: Your well behaved dog is welcome on McKenzie River Mountain Resort’s shuttle.

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