McKenzie River, OR

O’Leary Trail Loop

This stunning trail offers views,  big climbs, thrilling decents and will leave you with the satisfaction of completing one of the biggest, baddest epic trails in Oregon.  

O’Leary Trail Loop

An Advanced Trail along O’Leary Mountain Ridge

This Epic ride is the burly, back county brother to the nearby and more famous McKenzie River Trail.  While the McKenzie  River Trail offers easily accessible single track, the O’Leary Trail Loop serves up endless back country adventure with narrow trail hurtling into tight switchbacks, rock walls built decades ago by Civilian Conservation Corps, throttling climbs, and a final descent that makes you forget the pain.

19 mi
4+ hours
4,474 ft
Trans Alps Adventure

Trail Route and Options

Best Time to Ride

June – October

Ride Options

O'Leary Options: 3 Ride Options

Trail Conditions

March 15, 2021 7:56 pm

O'Leary Trail Loop - Full Loop - No Shuttle

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 16 miles
  • Time 6 h 19 min
  • Speed 2 mph
  • Min altitude 1234 ft
  • Peak 5131 ft
  • Climb 6909 ft
  • Descent 6909 ft
Trail Route and Options
  • O'Leary King Castle Trail Sign

    O’Leary King Castle Trail Sign

  • O'Leary Trail downhill
Things You Don’t Want to Miss

Trail Highlights

Originally build by the Civillian Core in the 1930’s, the trail got a bike oriented make over about 5 years ago. 

If you consider yourslf a serious mountain biker, you’ll want to experience this top IMBA Epic ride!

“This trail is just spectacular. Probably the most physically demanding trail I’ve ever ridden with long stretches of 18% grade. I’ll admit that I did some pushing to keep my heart rate in check. We rode this trail and the McKenzie River Trail in less than 24 hours and my body felt absolutely beat. Huge credit to the trail maintainers who keep this backcountry trail in stellar condition.”
Ben Whaley
Tour and Stopovers
O'Leary Trail Loop

Travel Journal

We’re looking to link to a great blog post from fans who have ridden this trail. If that’s you, please reach out to us.

For now, we’ve included a link to an O’Leary Trail blog post from WheelsandWater from 2016

Useful Information

Tips & Resources


there are only a few of the legally-ridden trails which offer that really out-there backcountry feeling. Enter the O’leary loop. Expect big climbs, narrow tread, bear grass, rhododendrons, great views, some switchbacks, and one ripping descent to cap it off.” – dirtmagnet blog

Food & Drinks

Water – Bring lots of water – this is a big trail. You’ll want to stay hydrated.  There are a couple of small creeks, yet no potable water sources on the trail.

Food – Bring snacks – This big climb requires a lot of fuel.

Places to Eat – After ride, there are a few restaurants near the bottom of the trail. McKenzie Station Pub, Obsidian Grill, Takoda’s

Necessary Gear

The Basics: A quality bike and a bike helmet are your basics.  Don’t forget a patch kit and pump.  

Body Armor: Most riders do not wear body armor on this ride.  Choose what works for you.

No Bailouts:  If you think you’ll need it, bring it with you.

Useful Information
Trail Shuttles

Reserve Your O’Leary Trail Shuttle


Shuttles are scheduled daily, a reservation is required.  If no one is booked, the shuttle doesn’t run.  Seats are limited.  Best to book at least 24 hours in advance.

The Shuttle serves mountain bikers, hikers (with or without gear) and runners.

This shuttle has a couple start locations along the trail.  

Custom Shuttle Times are Available.  Call for details 541-822-6272

Shuttle Meeting Location

Shuttles meet in the parking lot between Blue Sky Market and Takoda’s restaurant in Rainbow OR.  Its near the end of the ride at the King-Castle Tailhead.

Directions are provided in Shuttle reservation receipt.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

You may reschedule or cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.  Cancellations and reschedules require 24 hour advance notice. 

Shuttles Provided by:

McKenzie River Mountain Resort

The resort is one of the primary sponsors that make this website possible.  

Schedule Your Shuttle
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