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The Lolo Bike Rack

The Lolo Bike rack holds 6 bikes – by the handlebars.  

It handles burly mountain bikes, kids bikes and road bikes.  Lolo racks are also configurable to match your special needs.

These sturdy bike racks are built to last and super easy to load.  Men’s Journal named this one of “The 5 Best Hitch Mounted Bike Racks“.

Lolo Bike Racks are rider owned and rider built bike racks – made in America – Portland Oregon to be exact.

This is a great rack for families, riders who go on adventures with fiends and shuttle companies.

Velvø Allroad Bike
Lolo Rack Special Features

Custom Bike Hooks

The configurable rack frame features these custom hooks that are incredibly sturdy, powder coated like the frame and feature bungie cords and tie downs for super secure travel of your bikes. 

Bike Specs

Try One for Yourself

“We’ve used a lot of bike racks, the Lolo bike rack is one often best we’ve used” Chris LaVoie, owner of Mckenzie River Mountain Resort & Shuttle.