Blue River, USA

Aufderheide Memorial Drive

Aufderheide Scenic Drive is considered by many as one of Oregon’s most beautiful scenic drives.  It gets very little traffic – making for an amazing road bike experience.

Aufderheide Memorial Drive
Aufderehide Scenic Bikeway

One of Oregon’s Top Scenic bike Rides

This is one of Oregon’s signature rides. According to RidewithGPS – “This smooth and sinuous road unrolls before you like a giant carpet through a lush green world.”

As you go up you will follow the North Fork of the Willamette River and once over the top, you follow the South Fork of the McKenzie River. On the McKenzie side is Cougar Reservoir and the popular Terwilliger Hot Springs.

Lodging and food options exist on both sides of the ride.

65 mi
6 + hours
3,852 ft
Aufderheide Scenic Bikeway

Best Time to Ride

June – October


Shuttle Recommended


Ride Conditions

Mid May through October’s generally a good window to plan a ride.

Please call the McKenzie River Ranger Station for road conditions (especially early or late in the season).  541-822-3381

Spring flowers and Fall colors are the best times to ride.

The Aufderheide Memorial Drive (Forest Service Road 19)  is not maintained for snow and ice and usually closed by winter snow.

The Journey Begins Here

Routes & Ride Options

Out and Back

Ride from Blue River to the top and back down again.

Shuttle and ride one way

Shuttle and ride one end to the next.  You can start in Blue River and end in Oakridge or the other way around.  A shuttle can be booked for for the start or the end of the ride. 

Over the Top and back again

For a big adventure, ride form Oakridge to Blue River, enjoy a nice dinner and stay the night.  Riding back again to Oakridge the next day.   

March 21, 2021 2:49 am

Aufderheide Memorial Drive - Forest Service Road 19 - Oakridge to Blue River

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 63 miles
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 0.0 mph
  • Min altitude 1033 ft
  • Peak 3750 ft
  • Climb 5449 ft
  • Descent 5394 ft
  • Aufderheide - Terwilliger Hot Springs

    Terwilliger Hot Springs

  • Aufderheide Scenic Drive

    Dramatic Rock Cliffs

  • Aufderheide Scenic Drive

    Scenic Backroad Ride

  • Aufderheide Scenic bikeway

    Mesmerizing Water Views – Cougar Reservoir

  • Camp at the end of your ride

Things You Don’t Want to Miss

Trail Highlights

“About eight miles from the northern end of the ride—just after you reach Cougar Lake heading north—you pass Terwilliger Hot Springs (clearly signed), a dramatic series of cascading pools, each cooler than the previous one.  There’s a short walk to the pools, so you might want to wait until your ride is over if you’re in cycling shoes, but you don’t need a swimming suit—it’s clothing optional.”

Trail Highlights

Travel Journal

the scenery was some of the best I’ve ever ridden through.  Beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains, and forests. And far and away the BEST downhill section of road I’ve ever ridden.” 

Check out Big E’s Cycling Travel Blog and read about his adventure riding the Aufderheide Scenic Highway.

Useful Information

Tips & Resources


Scenic Highway / Bikeway with low motor traffic:  

Shuttles:  Shuttles are available daily by Appointment only 541-822-6272

Food & Drinks

Water – Bring lots of water – this is a big trail.  You’ll want to stay hydrated.  You can refill water at a few of the campgrounds along the way, yet the water sources are off trail and may be tough to find. 

Food – Bring snacks – 26.5 miles of pedaling requires a lot of fuel.

Places to Eat – After ride, there are a few places to choose from in McKenzie River are and Oakridge – including places to get a cold beer.  McKenzie area restaurants near the bottom of the trail include:    McKenzie Station Pub, Obsidian Grill, Takoda’s 

Necessary Gear

Bring lots of water and snacks this is a big ride. 

Bring standard bike gear – patch kit, spare tube, multitool, etc.  

There are no stores until the end of the ride. 

  • This is an easy route to follow.  Cell coverage is limited on the ride, yet available on both ends with major carries except T-Mobile at this time.

  • Great Lodging Options at McKenzie River Mountain Resort The McKenzie River side of the ride has more mid and higher range lodging options.  Oakridge has a handful of decent budget lodging options. 

  • for more information on area activities, food and lodging.

Useful Information
The Journey Begins Here

Shuttle Options

Shuttle Options
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