McKenzie River Trail

Tamolitch Blue Pool & Waterfall Wonders hiking adventure

The best of the Cascades in a 6.5 or 9 mile hike 

McKenzie River Trail – Tamolitch Blue Pool

See the best of the Cascades in this day hike adventure.


6.5 Mile Option Includes Sahalie Falls, Koosah Falls and Tamolitch Blue Pool.   The 9 mile option adds the Clear Lake with its crystal clear waters and 3000 year old underwater forest.

Choose from 6.5 or 9 miles
4-6 hours
2,000 m
Intermediate to Expert
Trans Alps Adventure
  • Hike the McKenzie River Trail – Waterfall Loop Trail – Tamolitch Blue Pool

  • Koosah Falls - McKenzie River Trail

    Koosah Falls – McKenzie River Trail

  • Clear Lake – McKenzie River Trail – Oregon – by Chris LaVoie

  • Koosah Falls - McKenzie River Trail - Oregon - Waterfall Wonder Blue Pool Hike

    Koosah Falls is spectacular to see up close, feel the constant cool spray of mist, often accompanied with its own rainbow.

Things You Don’t Want to Miss

Trail Highlights

Ride through dramatic lava fields, along side a crystal river and lakes so clean you can see over 100 feet to the bottom! Giant waterfalls will spray you with their refreshing mist and mesmerize you with their dramatic beauty.  Lush 300 year old growth forest will enchant you. 

Traverse handmade log bridges over the multiple streams and rivers that merge to make up the majestic McKenzie River.  Follow the river a it abruptly stops and disappears into a lava flow and mysteriously starts again some distance later – seemingly out of nowhere.  Stop and wonder how the Tamolitch Blue Pool could be such a vibrant topaz blue. 

The McKenzie River Trail is the most beautiful Trail I’ve ever ridden.”

Avid Mountain Biker E. Alderson
The Journey Begins Here

Trail Route and Options

Best Time to Ride

May – October

Trail Condition

June 4, 2023 10:38 pm

McKenzie River Trail - Blue Pool & Waterfall Hike

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  • Distance Instructions
  • Distance 6 miles
  • Time 2 h 0 min
  • Speed 10 mph
  • Min altitude 2192 ft
  • Peak 3009 ft
  • Climb 446 ft
  • Descent 1260 ft
Tour and Stopovers
Useful Information

Tips & Resources


Single Track Trail:  Ride down the trail from you starting point.  This is single track and on a busy day it will be hard to go uphill without getting off your bike repeatedly.

Shuttles:  Shuttles are available daily.  You can also self shuttle.   

Food & Drinks

Water – Bring lots of water – this is a big trail.  You’ll want to stay hydrated.  You can refill water at a few of the campgrounds along the way, yet the water sources are off trail and may be tough to find. 

Food – Bring snacks – 26.5 miles of pedaling requires a lot of fuel.

Places to Eat – After ride, there are a few restaurants near the bottom of the trail.   McKenzie Station Pub, Obsidian Grill, Takoda’s 

Necessary Gear

The Basics: A quality bike and a bike helmet are your basics.  Don’t forget a patch kit and pump.  

Body Armor: Most riders do not wear body armor on this ride, however the lava in a couple spots can be tough and unforgiving if you tangle with it.  Choose what works best for you.  

Useful Information
MRT Blog

Travel Journal

“My three sons and I went mountain biking on the McKenzie River Trail last week while….”

Check out this Blog post from Griff Wigley aka Mountain Bike Geezer

Reserve Your Shuttle

Shuttles are scheduled daily, a reservation is required.  If no one is booked, the shuttle doesn’t run.  Seats are limited.

Shuttles are by our Website Sponsor:

McKenzie River Mountain Resort

  • Shuttles are available daily, usually at 9 am and 10:30 am.  
  • Special shuttle times may be available by phone.
  • Shuttles do require a reservation.
  • Online booking system requires 24 advance booking, call to book for last minute options 541-822-6272
MRT Shuttle - mountain bike
McKenzie River Trail Shuttles
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