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McKenzie River Trail – Under Threat from Lookout Fire – Evacuation Ordered – Area Closed

Please stay away from the area until the fire is gone & the area is declared safe.

Even with a large number of fire crews the fire is growing quickly.

We are hoping that the fire does not reach the MRT and the towns nearby. If the fires do hit the trail, they will likely be closed until the USFS cleans up the trails and feel they are safe.

We will work to keep people updated here on this website.

Fires have impacted the local communities

The Lookout Fire currently has the town of McKenzie Bridge evacuated. The town of Blue River was COMPLETELY destroyed by Holiday Farm Fire in 2020. These 2 towns have provided support and care for the MRT in a big way – please consider making a donation to help with the recovery work.

Both guide services operate out of these area. Our sponsor, the McKenzie River Mountain Resort was destroyed by that fire and the property is poised to get another evacuation notice. Our community has not fully recovered from the Holiday Farm Fire, the Lookout Fire is another huge blow to our communities. Please consider helping by donating – hit the red button below – even $20 helps.

Fire information provided by Lane County GIS 8/18/23. Click the link for the most recent evacuation status report.